Is there any possibility to reach the apple company’s value by Facebook?

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People who are interested in watching movies must watch the film named the social network. The film is created in the concept of good approximation about how Facebook is found, and it attracts more people. By developing it also helped over from a few dictators, it has the largest IPO in the world history. From the current year, we could say that there is no more competition for Facebook because they bought their competitor. 

Still, china’s government is not allowing its citizen to hold and to use the Facebook account. So, in China, other than Facebook, ten-cent is the social Media for the Chinese citizens. And the ten-cent owned three leading social Media in china right now; they are the most popular websites in china.Cheak FB stock at In this world population, 46 percent of people are using the internet. Of those people, 37 percent of people use the product, which is found through social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

This is the main reason for investors to invest in technologies to bring free internet to remote places. In some areas, it’s due to the unavailability of the internet. They cannot know any information within the time. If any businessmen introduce free internet for villages and town people, the user will become an increase in each social media, and this also has chances to increase the per day user rate up to 4 billion active accounts within a year. 

What is NASDAQ FB?

We all know that every standard and online Media is making money only by running ads in their application. Not only social Media some search engines like google, but yahoo also earn through ads. These kinds of media need not inventory because the internet is filled using these Facebook and other Media. The bet of the company is nearly .89. In the year 2018, the bid on the market is one, and if any company has its bid rate more than one, then the company’s mobile adult in the market. It can also be said as the company is less volatile than the market, and if the same company is going negative, then the call is malicious. For example, we can take gold; when the market increases, gold will decrease, and when the demand falls, gold will rise. 

The P/E ratio of the tech stocks of the company is always high. Compared to apple, the value of Facebook may be less, but if the internet facilities would develop and bring more than 90 percent of users, it may have some chances to hit Apple’s value. Before investing in this stock, you can check its releases at

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